Unscrambling the Facts about Eggs

They look harmless enough.  A small, rounded shape with a smooth, fragile shell.  But eggs have gotten a bad rep being blamed for heart disease and stroke.  Truth is, research shows NO link between eggs and heart disease. 

In fact, one 70-calorie egg helps your:

  • Brain:  Choline found in eggs supports the structure of brain cells and helps transmit messages from the brain to muscles.
  • Heart:  Choline helps break down homocysteine, an amino acid that may contribute to heart disease.
  • Weight:  Protein satiates hunger.
  • Eyes:  Lutein and zeaxanthin also found in eggs help prevent macular degeneration.

Eggs provide good nutrition and help you feel full.  So, if your caree likes and desires eggs, serve ’em up! 

Source:  HAP Newsletter, Health Alliance Plan is found at:  www.hap.org

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