Exercise: Prescription for Better Health, part 2

Contininuing with our mini-series on using exercises to alleviate health issues, today ElderCaring covers Osteoporosis and Depression.

Osteoporosis? Pump it Up

If your last bone mineral scan was less than optimal, resistance training can help stimulate bone growth. “Any exercise is good,” says Geier. “But focus on weight bearing or resistance training. Even light resistance in addition to walking has some impact.” The most effective exercises work multiple joints, such as the squat . Keep in mind, however, that an exercise affects only the bone(s) involved in the move, says Mark Nutting, CSCS, NSCA. “So exercises that strengthen your legs, hips and spine won’t benefit your wrists,” says Nutting. Strive for a full body resistance program focusing on large muscle groups. Include squats and overhead shoulder presses, which strengthen the bones most often weakened by osteoporosis.

Depressed? Get Moving
Feeling down? Join a class or go for a run. “Mild exercise is effective to a certain extent against virtually any form of depression,” says Naheed Ali, MD. “But more intense movement and exercise can be carried out if you’ve been working out consistently for a long period of time. Being around other people can help lift your mood as well, especially if loneliness brings on depression.”
Join an exercise class or a running or walking club. You’ll combine the physical benefits of exercise with the psychological lift of social interaction. Or go for a long run. Runners often report a euphoric state called a “runner’s high” after running long distances. Cardiovascular exercise is most likely to release the feel-good neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) and trigger that high feeling. 
Source:  By Linda Melone for MSN Health & Fitness
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